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John Parker

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10/01/16 07:32 PM #1    

Richard Boyd

"John S"

One of our class clowns.

Who would have guessed?
John S entered the Marines after high school. I hope I did not insult a different branch of the service.

John S apparently aced his aptitude tests and was sent for full emersion in the Chinese language. In a few months he was fluent and was sent to VietNam.

The unit he was in was apparnetly an early version of what we now call Special Forces. They were sent on missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail - at night and behind enemy lines - to listen in on radio transmissions and watch traffic down the trail. Who knows what he saw and did?

John S survived but came home with a severe case of post traumatic stress syndrome. Davis Johnson worked hard with John S. -- Davis really tried and should be proud for what he did for John S. Support services were so limited in those days.

Sometime in the early 1970s, John S took his own life.


John S was a true hero. His name is not on the VietNam Memorial Wall.

John S "died in VietNam" but the actual death was after he returned home. God Bless him.

Richard Boyd, MD

Yakima WA USA


10/02/16 11:53 AM #2    

Susan Verge (McAlice)

How sad a story is that.  We will have to place a flag next to his name. He was a true hero.

10/02/16 10:39 PM #3    

Marilyn Mead (Leffler)

Richard, Is he the John Parker that was on the short side with brown hair and is in our yearbook or was he the blonde John Parker? We don't want to put the wrong one on our Dearly Departed board at the reunion..

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